Noviomagum certificate

Since march 1978, the local branch Nijmegen of the VERON issues the Noviomagum Certificate.

On the occasion of 70 years "Operation Veritable" the rules to obtain the Noviomagum certificate have been altered.

Due to the fact that this is a memorial year the Noviomagum cerficate has some additional rules. One QSO with special event station PA7ØOV counts for 3 QSO's. Furthermore will each QSO, that has been confirmed with a QSL card of special event station PA7ØOV, be valid for 2 QSO's.

General requirements award

  1. The award is available to licensed amateurs and SWLs.
  2. You need either a total of 10 HF points or a total of 30 VHF/UHF/SHF points for an application for the Noviomagum award.
  3. All QSL-cards valid for the award will show the text: "This QSL-card is valid for the Noviomagum award."
  4. There are no limitations in date, band or mode.
  5. You can apply for the award by sending an extract of your logbook to the Award Manager. This extract needs to be signed by two licensed HAM's or a clubofficial.
  6. The fee for the award is the postage fee for:
    1. The Netherlands, which is EUR 5 in an envelope or EUR 7 in a tube.
    2. EU within the EU Union EUR 5 or USD 7.
    3. EU outside EU Union USD 7.
    4. The rest of the world USD 10.
  7. Download the application form here: Award Application.
  8. The address of the Award Manager Noviomagum Certificate is at the top-right side of this page.

Award rules

Each confirmed contact counts per band for 1 point, multiplied with the appropriate multipliers as indicated below.

  1. Contacts with the clubstation PI4NYM: x 3.
  2. HF bands - contacts made outside of Europe: x 2.
  3. Only for the Netherlands - contacts made by a station with an N-license: x 2.
  4. Contacts made on/above 432 MHz: x 2.
  5. Contacts made on 144 MHz:
    1. Distance QTH - Nijmegen (JO21wt)  50-100 km: x 1.5.
    2. Distance QTH - Nijmegen (JO21wt)  >100 km: x 3.
  6. Special Multiplier PA7ØOV - One QSO with special event station PA7ØOV: x 3.
  7. Special Multiplier PA7ØOV - One QSO confirmed with a QSL-card of special event station PA7ØOV: x 2.