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QSL cards

QSL processing order

All the incoming QSL cards and our outgoing QSL cards will be preferably processed by the Dutch QSL bureau.
Directs QSL cards via our QSL manager.

Every effort will be made to process cards in the above mentioned order. Use of the bureau is therefore strongly recommended.

We will not wait for incoming cards. All QSL cards will be sent in one batch during the months following the special events station´s QRT.

We disencourage direct QSL cards, but if there´s no other possibility, send your QSL card to our QSL manager:

Jan van Beuningen, PBØAEZ
Pandastraat 13
The Netherlands

If you want to apply for a direct QSL card , please send us your QSL card as soon as possible either during the station´s activities
or directly after the special events station´s QRT:

  • Direct requests from The Netherlands: send us your card + SASE.
  • Direct requests from all other countries: send us your card + SAE + 2 USD.


  • IRC Coupons: we cannot accept IRC coupons.
  • Stamps: stamps are only applicable for requesters from The Netherlands; we cannot accept stamps from other countries for returnmail.

QSL design

The QSL card of PA1ØØFDM

The design of our QSL card will be published at short notice. Below some initial designs.


Logged QSO´s

The logbook will be updated regularly throughout the activities of PA1ØØFDM, active from June 28th to July 26th 2016.

Reported fields

In case of an error in the reported fields, or other remarks regarding the logbook, please notify us as soon as possible.

Use the Contact Form at the Contact page.

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