About me

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Actually there's not much to tell about me. Born in 1965 on Bastille day, the 14th of July, the National Celebration Day in France. Graduated at the Radboud University Nijmegen in business administration. Currenty active in the financial industry as corporate finance consultant. Besides my professional life my family has an important role. Finally, I would like to describe some aspects of my leisure:

  • Travelling
  • Radio-amateurism
  • Building websites
  • Panoramic photography

This website combines all four elements of leisure. During travelling my camera goes everywhere, trying to find the best spots for panoramic photography. Besides that I am also active as a radio-amateur on all these (inter)national locations. In The Netherlands my callsign is PA2P and in Croatia I use 9A8PA. In other countries the PA2P callsign is prefixed, for example EA/PA2P in Spain or 9K/PA2P in Kuwait. My radio-amateur activities are described under PA2P Amateur Radio.

You can now understand why this website is called PA2P_Panorama_World.