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About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Jan, aka Mookseberg, living in Mook, The Netherlands.

I started panoramic photography just out of curiosity years ago using a simple camera. I still use the same camera, sometimes with, but mostly without a tripod. No fancy panohead for even better panoramic results.

The Pano Website

In time the number of panoramic pictures grew and I decided to publish a website in 2Ø1Ø with all the panoramic images. To me it seemed - and still seems - worthwhile to show beautiful landscapes and historic sites with panoramic imaginary.

You are witness of the third consecutive website that I built, dedicated to panoramic pictures. This website has moved with the times and the ´look and feel´ meets all contemporary requirements. Have I mentioned that building websites is also what I do in my spare time.

The main features of this website are being explained in the next section.

For You

It´s my privilige to show you these panoramic pictures, just for free and to show you our marvellous world. For me it combines both taking panoramic pictures and showing them on this website.

Panoramic pictures today are used in many professional industries. In the last years I performed some work for other parties adding panoramic pictures to their website, and thus adding value for their visitors.

Feel free to contact me on my Contact section and ask for a quote.

Get In Touch

Contact Details

If you want to contact me for whatever reason, please use the contact form at the right. Your message will be sent by e-mail to me.

Your information will only be used to reply to you and will not be used for commercial purposes, nor shared with third parties.

Mookseberg, Mook, The Netherlands
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