Radioshack PA2P Amateur Radio

My station consists of different HF, VHF and UHF transceivers and the antennas for these bands. There are several computers in a home network for digital modes, logging and other purposes. The radioshack is also equipped with (measuring) equipment and tools for homebrew activities.

A description of this equipment is given below. Unfold each section by clicking the button and fold it back by clicking the button.

  HF setup

  VHF/UHF setup

  Mobile/portable setup

  Software/network and tools

The antennapark outside

Antennapark outside

The antennapark at my current location in Mook.

A typical Dutch 'low pistol' station, due to urban space restrictions.

The antennapark outside consists of four antennas. The first antenna, from top to bottom, is the Comet CA-2x4WX dualband omnidirectinal vertical VHF/UHF antenna (6.5/9.0 dBi gain), with the apex at about 19 metres agl.

Feedline spacing

Just below the base of this dualband antenna is the apex of the HF wire dipole antenna at about 16 metres agl. The direction of the wires is north-south. This inverted-V dipole is fed with 600 Ω symmetrical feedline and runs directly into the shack. No coax here at all. The feedline runs parallel to the mast and is kept in place with homebrew glassfibre spacers of approximately 0.6 metres. The dipole is 2 * 15.5 metres in length and the feedline about 12 metres in length.

At about 14 metres agl a homemade VHF groundplane antenna is placed on a homemade stand-off mount.

And finally at about 13.5 metres agl the Fritzel GPA30 triband omnidirectional vertical antenna (10/15/20 metres) on a homemade stand-off mount.