I worked as a radio-amateur from many countries inside as well as outside Europe. Over the past few years operated as 9A8PA, VK/PA3GCL, UA3/PA2P, 9K/PA2P, 9A/PA2P, 4O/PA2P, E7/PA2P, TA4/PA2P, SV/PA2P, I/PA2P, OE/PA2P, HB9/PA2P, DL/PA2P, ON/PA2P, F/PA2P, EA/PA2P, LX/PA2P, HA/PA3GCL, OK/PA3GCL, OM/PA3GCL and SP/PA3GCL. During this time I collected a lot of pictures, information and other things of me as a radio-amateur in all these countries. Images before 2005 are retrieved from our paper photo-albums and digitized with a scanner. As from 2005 digital cameras are used.

For each worked country this information is available.


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Outside Europe

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