This website is written in the English language and entirely devoted to Ham Radio.

My name is Jan van den Berg, born July 14th, 1965. I grew up in a small town called Overasselt. The first seven years of my life I lived in an old farmstead directly at the river Maas. Later on my family moved to another part of this town. On the right side a typical Dutch picture: I clearly learned to ride a bike at very young age. At the left the farmyard and at the right the dike.

I graduated at the Radboud University Nijmegen in business administration. Currenty active in the financial industry as corporate finance consultant. Next to my family life and work I do like travelling, building websites and taking and publishing panoramic pictures.

Radio amateur

I am licensed since 1988 and I have the A-class NL license/CEPT-class, morsecode included, which means that I can operate on all bands in all modes.

My radioshack in 1990 in Overasselt.

The Kenwood TS-940S and the Kenwood AT-200 antenna-tuner at the bottom row left, which are still in use nowadays, and my first computer (Philips with the NEC V20 processor) at the middle row right.

I am married to Willeke and we have two daughters named Puck and Pleuntje. They gave me the '2P' in my current callsign. I started in 1988 with my D-license as PDØPVK. After my second exam this became PE1NSJ. When I passed all the telegraphy tests I got the PA3GCL callsign. Later on it changed into PA1PP and finally into PA2P, both vanity-callsigns. I don't think it will ever change into PA2!

Antennapark in 1990. On the right a 1/2 λ vertical for 10 metres and on the left a dual band vertical VHF/UHF and a GP (VHF). Between the two chimneys a folded dipole for 10 metres. Behind the house a longwire for other HF bands.

I have always been interested in DX, particularly in the pursuit of new prefixes. I collect real QSLs and reply direct or via the bureau. I operate mainly digital modes, mostly RTTY and CW, but do occasionally pick up a microphone. I use the bands from 10 up to 80 metres, depending on propagation, but my favorite bands are 15, 17 and 40 metres.

Day of the RadioAmateur (DvdRA) at the city of Apeldoorn in October 2005.
From left to right: PE1NIB (Chris), PA2P (Jan), NL-10635, PB0AEZ (Jan) and PA3CWQ (Harry).

Callsigns abroad

I have been operating from different locations, inside and outside Europe, using the callsigns VK/PA3GCL, UA3/PA2P, 9K/PA2P, 9A/PA2P, 4O/PA2P, E7/PA2P, TA4/PA2P, SV/PA2P, I/PA2P, OE/PA2P, HB9/PA2P, DL/PA2P, ON/PA2P, F/PA2P, F/PA3GCL, EA/PA2P, LX/PA2P, HA/PA3GCL, OK/PA3GCL, OM/PA3GCL and SP/PA3GCL. Please find lots of information on the Abroad pages.

In 2007 I apllied for a Croatian radio amateur license and since september of that year I got the callsign 9A8PA.

Portable operation in France in 1988. Must have been under the callsign F/PA3GCL. The location was Saint Jean-Pla-de-Corts (locator JN12mm). That's me on the left together with Marcel (PDØM). At work with an old analog Yaesu FT-101E transceiver and a W3DZZ antenna, which was lend to us by a very friendly French radio-amateur.