Build your own Space Weather dashboard

Jan, PA2P


At the beginning of 2Ø19 I started building a new website for Special Event Station PA75OV, which station will be active in the year 2Ø2Ø. As a service I added an additional Toolbox. This Toolbox is a collection of several HAM Radio tools that I have found on the internet and put together on one comprehensive web page. Just to make your HAM life easier. With each tool credits are given to the publisher and/or creator of that particular tool.

This page is my contribution to the HAM radio community. How? Some of the above mentioned tools are related to space weather conditions and radio propagation and compiled as charts, gauges or other indicators. Wouldn't it be nice to design your own indicators instead of using those already in use. Your own look and feel and private dashboard for your own website? We are not all website programmers or designers, are we! Nevertheless this website will help you to make the first steps building your own dashboard.

First, let me make clear that I have no commercial interest in any company.

The NOAA Space Weather (SWPC) agency has started adding a variety of space weather data in the JSON format via her data service at the beginning of December 3, 2018. The root directory for the new JSON format data can be found here. Free of charge.

The AmCharts company has specialized in Javascript Charts and Maps to visualize all kind of data sets. Combine NOAA and AmCharts and you are in business. Scroll down and you will see seven examples at work combined with NOAA data. These are all examples made with AmCharts version 3 and version 4. Older versions have been deprecated. The eighth example has no relation with NOAA data. It is an example how to use AmCharts Maps. In this case indicating the prefix of each entity on the map.
Just for the record, other providers of free charts are, for instance, Google Charts, ChartJS and others.

Let your imagination work and you will make beautiful charts, gauges and maps yourself. This website can be downloaded as one package. From there it's up to you.
If you need a little help, contact me here. I will try to help you.

73, Jan, PA2P
Kp, A and SFI

Combination of NOAA data and AmCharts v4.
Solar Flux Index Realised (SFI)
Combination of NOAA data and Amcharts v3.
Solar Flux Index Predicted on Mid day (SFI)
Combination of NOAA data and Amcharts v3.
Solar Flux Index - Daybreaks (SFI)
Combination of NOAA data and Amcharts v3.

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Planetary K Index (Kp)
Combination of NOAA data and Amcharts v3.
World Prefix Map
Combination of own data and Amcharts v3.